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Why make your buildings "Smart"?

A smart home is a modern, dynamic and convenient, allowing occupants to control their fully connected home. The following can be achieved:


Lighting can be controlled by the control panel on the wall & can be dimmed with the simple up and down button. The energy saving lighting system can also be adjusted from an app on your smart phone, smart device or online, and these controls can be used remotely and for the whole house. For example, if you were away and wanted to switch the lights on to make it appear like there was someone in your house, you can do this via your app or online.


Heating can be adjusted from the control panel depending on whether you feel hot or cold, or can be set to an auto climate control function to maintain a perfect temperature and save optimum energy.

Blinds/Curtain control

Your curtains can be opened or closed via your app or switch on the wall. This function can also be timed, programmed or set to automatic sunrise & sunset.


You can program your HDL device to play music at the same time every day and control via your app which room the music plays in. Alternatively, you can play music and have it play in every room in the house, or just down stairs or upstairs. All HDL music compatible devices also have FM radio transmitters to enable radio play in any or every room desired.


With Home Automation, you can select and watch cameras live from an internet source, ensuring peace of mind and optimum security of your home. Security cameras can be controlled, allowing you to observe activity around a house right from a Monitor or touch panel. Security systems can include motion sensors that will detect any kind of unauthorized movement and notify you via a chosen source.

With the property market growing ever-increasingly competitive, taking advantage of flexible and cost-effective smart technology from HDL Mauritius has never been easier.