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Hotel Automation

Panels to control everything!

The DLP is an intelligent panel which is able to fully control your home. Some of the numerous features are:

  • Multiple control targets
  • Customizable
  • Customize icons, labels and fonts
  • Multiple button modes
  • Manage scenes and sequences
  • Built-in temperature sensor & IR receiver in some models

The ENVIRO panel

This panel brings home control to another level. The smooth outlines and a luxurious display create the perfect blent of form and functionality.

The multi touch capacitive display responds instantly, allowing every detail on the screen to be clearly seen. When the energy efficient screen is not in use a sleep mode will activate, awakening only when a user approaches.

Complete control

From lighting, curtains, music, scenes, sensors, timers to air conditioning, floor heating and security solutions, you can know exactly what feature or appliance is being used, and instantly take control.