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Smart Curtains

Create modern and elegant spaces by controlling your curtains through HDL BUS Pro

Opening/closing in a single direction from left to right
Configuration: Opening/closing in a single direction from left to right.
Opening/closing in a single direction from right to left
Configuration: Opening/closing in a single direction from right to left.
Opening/closing in both directions
Configuration: Opening/closing in both directions.
Opening/closing with two Smart Curtains synchronized. Single and both directions available
Configuration: Opening/closing with two Smart Curtains synchronized. Single and both directions available.

Overheat protection

If the system detects that the temperature exceeds > 30°C, the motor will switch off automatically in order to avoid any adverse incident. Once the motor's temperature has fallen back below the safe limit it will continue working regularly.

Overload protection

If, during opening or closing, the curtain finds any obstacle or drags on some heavy object, the system will stop right away in order to avoid any damage to the structure or the curtain's fabric.

New generation lock

The motor is connected to the rail using a new-generation lock with a secure latch which joins both parts together with precision and total safety.

Extremely silent working mode

The built-in new generation clutch with its precise gear mechanism is specially designed to reduce the noise to 40dB. This noise level is comparable to a library-type study environment.

Manual mode when powered off

In situations where the curtains are not powered, or if there is a power outage problem, the manual mode is always available.

Solid and Robust structure

The rails and fittings has been made from high-quality materials that provide a solid and robust structure from which to hang and move any kind of curtains. The housings of the motors are small and easy to hide.

Additional pieced included

The full-pack includes hooks to fit the curtain to the supports and obtain a sleek and pleasing visual effect. It can use up to six hooks in different positions. Also included are small supports to anchor the curtains to the wall or ceiling.

Manually trigger opening and closing of the curtains

There are 3 draw modes: Short, Longand Disabled. Choose between a short or long distance to draw the curtains, and the system will trigger their automatic opening or closing. This function can also be disabled if preferred.

Motor running mode: forward or reverse

The client can select between two configurations, choose the best configuration and adapt the working mode to the final desired effect.

Curtain's position can be displayed

The user can see the full distance and current position of the curtain on the screen because the position of the curtain is measured and received in real-time by the user interfaces, i-Life App or iRidium Software.

Auto calibration

The Smart Curtains calibrate the track and distance of the rails by themselves. Furthermore, an optional mode is included that can enable/disable calibration automatically each time the curtains are switched on/off, or are moved to a new location.

Easy programming and upgrade

The software to program the Smart Curtains is extremely user-friendly. The user will also find it simple to combine the Smart Curtains with the rest of HDL's product range. Online upgrade is available