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Smart Hospitality Industry

Hotels & Resorts

In a world where everything is done in a smart way, you don’t want to be the owner of this hotel that always remind you of how far behind technologically you are! You don’t want to be the owner of a hotel in which everything is manually done; from opening of doors to the closing of window curtains!

At HDL Mauritius, we offer you a chance to be the owner of a smart hotel. A Hotel in which each room is customized in a way that your clients don’t need anything but a remote control to get things done in their rooms. Imagine owning a hotel in which at the touch of a button, you have the right temperature, curtains are drawn and lighting adjusted to suit the mood!

A smart hotel in which upon entering, the Motion Detectors automatically switches on the lights. They don’t forget to switch them off when you leave the room. This way, you can save on the power bill, even from that forgetful customer who will most likely leave his room’s lights on.

HDL switch and panel control systems have the capability of giving you and your customers a treat of a lifetime. After an experience in one of your rooms, you can be sure that your customers will be thinking about nothing but the smart experience at the smart hotel.

What’s more? Out products will not leave your account with nothing. They are cost effective and assure good returns. Investing in HDL Hotel Solution will assure you of continued customer satisfaction.

The Hotel Room Systems enables hotel owners to provide their guests the convenience of controlling multiple functions in their room including lighting and dimming, HVAC, curtains and drapes and audio/video systems.

Hotel Owners experience high return on investment through improved operational efficiencies, reduced energy costs, effective management of resources, total guest comfort and convenience, and enhanced customer services.

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